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Water Leak Isle of Wight

Water Services, Isle of Wight

Does your water metre keep spinning? 

Are you struggling with ridiculously high water bills? 


Contact our highly qualified and specialised team at Underground Service Engineering Isle of Wight for advice on your next steps to getting your water supply pipe leak repaired. 


At Underground Service Engineering Isle of Wight, we offer hassle-free and convenient water services so that you can have your water leak repaired quickly and efficiently. We specialise in tracing the exact location of water mains leak and repairing your pipe with the latest tools at a cost-effective price.

Water Leak Repair Isle of Wight


Leak detection services are essential to the health and safety of any home or business. Underground Service Engineers Isle of Wight can detect and repair any plumbing or structural leaks that may be present in a building. Our services can reduce energy costs by ensuring any leaks are identified and repaired, as soon as possible. We will use specialised equipment to ensure that any water leaks are prevented from causing any further damage.

We can install your water mains without even digging a trench!

Water mains installation is a process of connecting pipes to the main water supply to provide homes and businesses with a steady and reliable flow of water. It will involve laying down pipes and connecting them to the main water system. We ensure that all safety and quality standards of the local water authority are met. The water mains installation process is essential to ensure that the water supplied is of high quality and safe to use.

Water leaks can cause costly damage to the home and belongings if left unattended to repair a water leak. We will first identify the source of the leak and repair the damaged pipe. We always check to make sure there will be no further leaks. Our services can save you time and money in the long run.

 Get In Touch…

Please contact one of our friendly and experienced team members at Underground Service Engineering Isle of Wight. If you have any water concerns or questions please get in touch today, we are always happy to help. 

 36 Dodnor Ln, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5XA, UK

01983 655045

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